Halloween – Sort of

I’ll be the first to admit, I kinda like Halloween.  I hate costume parties and adamantly support the position that you should be punched if you sport a costume after the age of 10, but I am a supernatural junkie.  It might be due to the fact I started in on a steady diet of Stephen King in the fifth grade.  So, when it comes to Halloween, I’m thinking gore and gruesome.  Now, snap back to my reality and Halloween jack-o-lanterns go a little more something like this.

Turquoise.  Seriously, what’s terrifying about turquoise.  Nothing, unless the pumpkin tried to wear with with chartreuse pumps.

And there he is in all his horrifying glory.

When you have a pumpkin like that, the only proper attire?

Tutus and eye shadow…

Happy Halloween.  And just try and turn your lights off  after this macabre affair.