Cheap…or Resourceful

Al has often accused me of being cheap.  She’s confusing frugality with absolute inventiveness, or dare I say – genius.  Sure, I’ve fallen through ceilings, started a fire with a ceiling fan, flooded the kitchen with a dishwasher, or was it the disposal?  My point being, I’m the model DIY’er.  Therefore, when Al started talking about family photographs, all I heard was sitting fees, minimum orders, and everything else that goes along with it.

Seriously, I have a camera, and an expensive one at that.  I can buy a tripod, and I’ve always wanted Photoshop..I can do the family pictures,

My first attempt, and if I say so myself, it turned out much better than the four letter spew Al sent in my direction.

The lighting, the composition, then angles, you know you love it.  Clearly, I was on a roll.

You’ve got to remember, these are the pre-photoshop proofs you’re checking out.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a transmission somewhere that needs rebuilding…

The Man

When it comes to music, Al and I have some differences.  She says Metallica, I say…Guy Clark.  She says Snoop, I say…ok, I’ll go with Snoop; maybe this analogy is falling apart.  Anyway, one thing we can all agree on is The Man…

Bruce Robison.  Quite possibly the finest songwriter out there today.  If you haven’t seen Bruce, you owe it to yourself to do so.  And if at all possible, see him at The Cactus.

Imagine a superstar showing up in your living room, now imagine it about half the size, and that’s the Cactus.  We grabbed the table closest to the stage. I reached across to get a drink and accidentally elbowed Bruce’s steel guitar player.

One of the highlights of the night was when Bruce forgot some of the lyrics.  I was oblivious and singing along to every song.  He looks over at me and mumbles, “keep it going.”  He caught up after a line or two and never missed a beat.

The big prize…the set list for the night.  One of the coolest things about Bruce is that he’s made a fortune as a songwriter and has a reputation of hanging out around Austin and not touring a bunch.  Exhibit A – the back of Bruce’s set list.  A little homework.

All in all a great evening with great friends.

And no, I have no idea what the moron on the left is doing.  A recent fugitive, or embarrassed because he can’t pull off pink as well as I can.