Long Term Planning – and Thanks to Debra

It’s genetic.  It’s a guy thing.  It’s a Havens thing.  Whatever the excuse, it’s all true.  When you throw in two Havens men – long term planning is all out the window.

That’s why the eldest Havens’ brother was heading to Austin for the weekend and calling me on the way trying to make sure the tee times for Barton Creek were set up for the next day.  And that’s why Al was hammering me wondering why I was taking my suitcase to work with me on Friday when I still didn’t even know what I was doing.

“Because if all of this works out then I’ll head straight to the course after work and I’ll have everything with me.” Made perfect sense to me.

And work out it did.  We had an incredible round of Golf Saturday on the Crenshaw Course at Barton Creek. 

Trouble was this was Billy’s Bachelor party weekend and I was supposed to have planned something.  There’s that planning thing again.

We went into the bar at the resort after the round, part of my plan at that point was to keep Billy in the bar long enough and maybe he wouldn’t realize I had nothing.

Just as I was starting to catch some grief for having nothing in the works, destiny called.  Either that or Miss Debra.

We were standing in the bar when a girl walks by, stops, looks me in the eye and says “Mark????  Havens??”

I’m used to being hit on by beautiful women so it wasn’t that shocking it was happening again.  Either that, or it was one of Al’s best friends that she taught with in Humble.  I hadn’t seen Debra or her husband in over 5 years, so I’m thinking what are the odds?

We start chatting and she tells me that she’s there with a friend and that they just so happen to have a private party scheduled that night with Jerry Jeff Walker.  Would we like to come?  Would we?  I’ve gone from nothing to this…

Hanging with Jerry Jeff.  You just can’t set this stuff up.


MK. What to do with that girl? She, much like older sister, has been a little late to the game in the verbal area, and much like older sister she is quickly making up for lost time.

One of her favorite uses of this new found skill is litigation. This girl will argue anything, and the scary thing is…she’s getting better.

I know we should be prepared for this, but the problem is that MK is learning from CB’s mistakes, and apparently we’re not. Take clothing for example, always a source of much discussion around our household. MK has become extremely opinionated as to what she will, or more importantly, will not wear.

We’re used to this same argument from CB, but she was always more…forthcoming. “I’m not wearing that shirt. I’m not wearing those pants, and forget about those shoes”

When questioned as to why her entire wardrobe had suddenly become so offensive, CB invariably responded with “It’s not cute. It’s not pink.” Or the ever popular – “I don’t like it.”

This usually ended with “I don’t care if you don’t like it, you’re wearing it.” Problem was, CB was too opinionated and knew her opinions didn’t hold much weight. MK has taken a different tact.

When she finds a shirt she doesn’t like, which is daily, she throws her hands in the air and screams. “No! No! No!” She quickly follows up with, “It’s too Big. Too Big. Too Big.” I’d be distracted for the next few minutes checking tags and by that point MK had already grabbed something else. It only took me a half a dozen times to figure out that the clothes she was pulling were the same size as the “too big” ones – I’m quick like that.

“Too big, too small, too scratchy, and simply won’t fit” have become her standards. She knows that “I don’t like it” quickly gets shot down, but these other options give her a little more time to work with, and that’s really all she needs.

My personal favorite was her objection the other day to a pair of pants. Al was trying them on her to see if they were even remotely close to her size – they weren’t. MK immediately starts dropping the “Too tight! Too tight!” Objection. These pants were so huge that MK had to hold the waist to keep them from hitting the floor. “Too small! Too Small.”

She even had to smile about that one.

The Honeymoon Baby

Hard to believe that my first born son is turning 10.

Rocking the party hat.

I know, I know.  Seve was not pumped about the Strawberry Shortcake hat.  Even the birthday boy has fallen victim to the all female all the time overload.  However, the rotten catfish-goat meat cake won him over.  Seriously Cesar, if you’re promoting your company as gourmet, you could do something about the stench.

Overall, a good event.  However, Seve needs to learn, like all of us old men, you can’t party like you used to.

“Just make my head quit hurting and I swear I’ll never do it again.”

Time for Change

Seriously, 2 years of this is enough.  A girl can only be Strawberry Shortcake for so long.  In true CB fashion, she made up for it this year.

Costume #1 was the cat, and introducing Little Sister Dora.  Speaking of Dora, I tried to warn MK about looking that cute as Dora – it’s a good way to get picked up by some wandering cowboy.

Mission accomplished.

” Get in the truck, girls.  It’s trick or treatin’ time.”

Big Sister, the race car driver, taking the lead on this one.

As a thanks to the Riegers for the Halloween Festivities, I offer the following tribute to “One of the Boys”…


Daddy's Girl

Today was my birthday, and what a day.  Al and I were talking about what to do when CB chimes in out of nowhere, “Daddy and I need to go to the golf course.  It’s his birthday and he needs to go play golf…with me.”

How can you turn down an offer like that.  The rest is golfing history…


I had to throw one of the old man in there, if for no other reason than it was as close to an ace as I’ve had in a loong time.  Would’ve been some kind of present.  You can see CB tap it in for the bird.   The next father-daughter scramble is looking good.