Have I Ever Told You…

How much I love Austin? Seriously, where else in the world can you catch Bruce “The Man” Robison at a Free concert on a Wednesday night? I love this place.

Scholz’s Beer Garden. Unbelievable. If you don’t know Bruce, then, well then I don’t know what to say. I feel for you.

MK was as shocked as I was. “Big Brother Charlie” enjoying the show in the background.

I’ve seen quite a few concerts, but I’ll have to admit that Scholz’s has got to be one of the greatest venues around. Not five minutes after we got there CB disappeared. I think the kids outnumbered the rest of us, and CB quickly fell in with a pack.

About an hour into the show, CB disappeared. Al was searching for her when I started laughing. We saw Miss CB sitting about 3 feet to the right of the stage with her buds…best seat in the house.

Sitting in the Bier Garten under the stars, kids running free, enjoying a cold Shiner, a hot Jagerschnitzel, and listening to Bruce sing about “Oma” and “Opa” I was initially worried about becoming an Austinite when Al told me I had moved way past that. She thinks I’m a full fledged German.

Random Summer Fun

Gotta have your obligatory sprinkler shots.

MK and sprinklers…not so much.

What is it with these chicks and sunglasses?

It’s all about the ‘tude.

Al’s trying to mix in a little indoor activities as well. Painting? I’m all for anything besides their usual routine of beating each other with shovels and screaming.

CB, the artiste at work.

Seriously, MK?  Seriously?