This is Getting Ridiculous

It’s long been a tradition that if you go into CB’s room for bedtime, you’re not getting out with anything shy of 45 minutes of storytime.  It’s just a way of life, but now little sis is getting in on the action as well – and she’s becoming quite opnionated when it comes to her reading list.  This is all well and good until I walk out of the girls’ rooms the other night and find this waiting for me…

No way.  Gotta draw the line somewhere.  And Care Bears no less.  Always pictured Sissy as more of a Dora fan.

Austin Rodeo

I didn’t even know that Austin had a rodeo. But last week, the girls proved me wrong.

Appropriately enough, they started with the Longhorns.

“Mom, MK’s scaring the cows”

“Gotta be a way I can ride that thing.”

Keeping with the livestock theme, Al was telling me all about how they saw Elsie – the famous face of Borden’s Milk. We’ve argued about this quite a bit, but seriously, do any of you remember Elsie looking like this?

Some kind of Bovine extreme makeover in my opinion.

CB was getting the hang of this farm girl thing.

And MK was, well, being MK…

I’ve been contemplating for some time putting a top ten list of may favorite songs on the blog and letting others argue it out. Problem is, I’m a music fanatic and it’s hard to get the list narrowed down. One of the definite “musts” is Adios, Friends by Walt Wilkins. It’s a song about an eight year old kid bored to death with the whole elementary school scene. He spends the day dreaming of outlaws that “ride up to school with an extra horse behind”. What does all this have to do with anything?

Apparently, it’s genetic.

Football Anyone?

Who says having girls doesn’t include some outdoor mudball?

Of course, it’s just done all in pink. But don’t let the outfit fool you…

This girl’s ready to hit somebody!

Guest Blogger

Here is my one chance to be an official guest blogger after much begging. Let me warn you that I am about to brag about how blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband. Mark and I’s 10 year wedding anniversary was last Friday and he definitely didn’t let me down! I received a huge bouquet of stargazer lilies the week leading up to our anniversary. Quite the sentimental man since this was the main flower in my bridal bouquet.

This was not the end of flowers for me either!! 2 dozen roses waited for me when I woke up on our anniversary. What can I say? He is quite the romantic.

I have prepped Caroline with the recitation of “diamonds are a girls’ best friend” recently to which Mark would over hear this and roll his eyes. Mark surprised me with a diamond anniversary band at lunch and I still can’t believe it. Maybe I should teach Mary Kate something for Mark to overhear…

Thank you to Aunt Erin for babysitting so Mark and I could enjoy a dinner at North in The Domain. I don’t know if I enjoyed the food or actually being able to sit down for an entire meal without CB interjecting about her several imaginary friends or MK scarfing her food down in 3 minutes and trying to nose-dive out of her booster.

Our 10 Year Anniversary will definitely be unforgettable and ended in a bang! We were rammed into from the back as we were waiting at a stop sign. Thankfully, we are all fine. Once again, our life is never dull.

How Things Have Changed

Staying on the childhood theme, I’ll readily admit that playtime for me often involved a towel and a safety pin.  However, that usually meant a cape and saving the world from the Legion of Doom.  With our girls, it’s a little different.

Couple of Papooses.  What fun.

Highlights for Children

Bring back any memories?  I used to love that magazine.  One of my favorites was the challenge where they would show an extreme close up of an item.  You’d stare at it forever thinking it was the surface of some unknown planet, and then you would flip the page and find out it was a pencil eraser.

I thought I would try the same thing on the blog.  First, for the extreme pic…

Sea anemone?  Weather Satellite?  Toothbrush?

Nope.  Just MK rocking her morning do.

Horsing Around

That’s one of the things that I love about CB…you just never know what you’re going to get from that girl. Scared of random things, sure. But when it comes to jumping on a pony – first in line.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.483414&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Ok ponies are fine, especially with the My Little Pony connection – what little girl doesn’t love ponies? But what about other barnyard fare? Goats???

Feeding Goats…and loving it!

“Goats? Ponies? Psshht. Take me to the badgers!”