We’re not really sure what to name this one. Neither of our girls was ever really attached to anything, favorite blankets, toys, stuffed animals. Whatever. It was take it or leave it. The only thing they were really ever interested in was whatever the other one was playing with at that moment.

However, there is one trait that Miss CB displayed that troubled us at first – the belly button obsession – or BBO as it’s called in the trade journals. She had to have ready access to her button at all times, or there were dire consequences. We thought it was kind of cute at first, then just downright weird, but hey, she’s my daughter so she’s bound to have some weird traits, if not quite a few.

As she got older, the obsession thankfully seemed to fade away. Although even now, when she’s really tired, I can catch her with her finger squarely inserted in her button.

When Little Sister came along we thought this button obsession was surely an acute phenomenon, and MK would go by unscathed. We could not have been more wrong. Not only does MK suffer from BBO, it is much, much worse. I’m worried that if it carries on at this rate, MK’s children might require surgical intervention to remove the hand.

The real problem occurs during cold weather. What do you do with a little one when it’s 30 degrees outside? Those furry sleepers are nice, but as you can imagine, provide no access to the button. So you’re left with either a frozen kid, or a screaming kid. The solution?

I give you the first ever – soon to be patented- BBO sleeper. I would rush these to market, but I’m still not sure how many people out there suffer from BBO. Better to keep it a custom item for now.

Continuing on with the crafty theme…

I never knew Gingerbread cookies involved such a process.  I always just picked the things up and ate ‘em to tide me over until there was a pecan pie available.  I now have a newfound respect.

Trying to catch Nana and CB actually working, and not hamming it up when there’s a camera around is next to impossible.

Exhibit “A”.

With this much action, PaPa and MK could not resist, and eventually left their managerial posts.

PaPa demonstrating the ever important “patting” technique that made him the original Iron Chef.  MK is, of course, soaking it all in.  Along with no less than 4 lbs. of flour.

A little something for your troubles.

And now, finally the last step.  Icing.

A steady hand is a must, not to mention adequate quality control.

MK may not be 2 yet, but she has quite the sophisticated pallet.  She’s going to be a hard sale.

The final product…

And, more importantly, the final verdict…

We have a winner!!!!!!

Martha Stewart?

I thought she was still trying to shiv people with a broken toothbrush, but apparently not. No, I seem to be sharing a house with her.

What would you do the night before CB’s Thanksgiving Day Gala at school?  I, for one, know it wouldn’t be this…

Five dozen hand-made pilgrim hats?  Needless to say, I was impressed.

Homecoming 07'

Baylor Homecoming was upon us again, and this year was special as it marked 10 years since leaving the place.  Actually, 10 for Alison only 5 for me, she has a thing for younger men.  Either way Homecoming could only mean one thing.


CB got to hook up with her Homecoming buddy, Graham.  You long time readers will recall that these two hit it off last year at the homecoming festivities, and took no time in getting reacquainted at the Parade.  For me, the best part was watching the running commentary between the little couple at the Parade.  It was a microcosm of male-female relationships the world over.


One of them would see a float approaching in the distance, they’d both get excited, then CB would scream something along the lines of “Look, Graham, it’s a monkey!!”  To which Graham responded, “No, it’s a Bear.”  CB would look at him strangely and then declare, even louder, “Here comes the monkey, Graham!!!”


At this point I wanted to step in and tell the poor boy, “Look.  I know you’re right.  You know you’re right.  Everyone on this street knows your right, but you’re dealing with a woman.  More than that, you’re dealing with a woman whose mother is a McBride girl.  You just don’t have a chance.” 


However, I didn’t need to.  Graham would simply look at CB, roll his eyes, look at the next float and say, “Look!  It’s a plane.”  The boy is wise beyond his years.


I got a brief exchange below in the video.

 [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.439699&w=425&h=350&fv=]


For some further details on the event, including the “Fixins’ Saga” check out.

Routine, Routine

CB is a creature of habit.  She gets this from her mother.  Al has always preached how kids need structure, boundaries, routine.  I agree, but CB has taken this to a new level.


I learned this on Saturday when we let Al sleep in.  CB informed me that she gets the juice out for her and MK and they sit and watch Sesame Street for a few minutes while drinking their juice.  Then, and only then, do you move into the breakfast area where CB has another routine of how and what she eats for breakfast, and in what specific order.

I was doing ok until I forgot the magazine.  She has to have a magazine to peruse over her breakfast.  Which I can now see why.  That girl is ready for lunch with the Blue-Hair club as she averages about two hours per meal at the table.  A sharp contrast with little sister who has trimmed her meal time to approximately 2 ½ minutes or until we sit down at the table, whichever comes first.

I say all this about routine by way of explaining the girls’ recent Halloween adventure.  Last year CB made the momentous decision to be Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween, as well as decreeing that MK would join her as Apple Dumpling. 

This year with Halloween approaching we prepared for the agonizing decision of “What to Be?”  Apparently, this routine thing extends to Halloween as well.  CB looks at me, shocked, and says I’ll be Strawberry Shortcake and MK will be Apple Dumpling.


I guess this is a lengthy way of saying – “Please welcome back Flavor-Flav making an appearance as Apple Dumpling.

And of course, the original Decider.

Weekend in San Antone'

As many of you know from previous posts, CB’s all-time favorite vacation destination is San Antonio. Playing beauty shop, Annie, hanging out with her cousins, Annie, getting some time away from mom and dad, Annie…you’re getting the point.

I’m starting to agree with her, this past weekend was a blast. To kick it off, I went to a Spurs game on Friday night. Mike is doing his best to sway me from my Mavericks – and with these seats, it might be working.

How good were the seats? Let’s just say that if I wanted to get any closer I’d have to put on 6 inches and work on my outside jumper.

Manu and Bruce chatting it up.

Bruce Bowen has always known for his defense, and now you can see why. Dude’s so slick he can fire off a peanut down the bench before anyone realizes what he’s doing.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.437855&w=425&h=350&fv=]

How do you follow up the Spurs? The big race. CB was pumped. We headed out bright and early Saturday morning for a 5K, and when I say early, I mean early. I think it was an omen of things to come when I was trying to wake up CB for the race. It ended up with me laying on top of her and pulling her out of the bed by her ankles with her yelling, “No! Daddy! No!”

Once we got her up and going, she was ready to run, and I do mean run.

I had both girls in the stroller to begin with and thought it would stay that way. However, MK quickly feel asleep and CB was looking to win the race.

I was amazed, the girl booked it for at least a mile. As you can see in the picture, Mommy was working to keep up with the little phenom.

One of my favorites, my girls training with San Antonio’s finest. There was a group of cadets from the SA Police Department in the race that kept a steady cadence going the entire time. CB loved it.

The best part, CB napped for a solid 3 1/2 hours that day and still slept like a rock that night.

Confirmed – Daddy is instituting a one mile run at daybreak for the girls. I’ll leave the details to Al

Ghostly Encounter

I’m a huge fan of anything paranormal.  I’m a sucker for ghost stories, horror movies, etc… I just never thought I’d be involved in one.

If you look closely at the following picture, you can just make out a ghostly spirit in the window beside CB.  It appears to be some sort of ghost-child with a small head, huge ears, and a craving for Snausages. 

After further investigation, and a couple pieces of bacon, we drove the thing away, or at least out of the window so we could get some decent photos.

You just never know what you’re going to run into this time of year.