Daddy’s Sticky Moment


Let anyone should think I’m making fun of my poor daughter in the pool jumping video, I had to bring this up.  CB is so much like her father, naturally brilliant, of course, but she has that streak of round peg square hole in her.  As in, you can always get the round peg in – you just need persistence and a bigger hammer.

The one I feel sorry for is Al.  There are so many times when I see her standing there staring at me and/or CB with a look of “I cannot believe you just did that.”


This morning at work was one such moment.  I have a favorite pair of boots.  I’ve had them for years and they’re still in great shape.  The only problem is that I’ve spent more on soles than the boots were ever worth.  They’re getting pretty bad again.  In fact, CB has taken to calling them my Crocodile boots – not because that’s what they’re made of, but because when I walk the left sole flaps down almost to the heel.  It makes for a great puppet, but it’s becoming a little dangerous.


I was sitting at my desk this morning and found some superglue – never a good start.  I thought perfect, I know this’ll hold the sole.  So, I put the glue on the bottom of my boot.  Have to put pressure on it for the glue to hold everybody knows that.  I pressed down hard with my foot, mashing the sole of the boot to the floor.  A few seconds later, I get an e-mail re: some hot button legal issue.  Then I get a call from one of our directors regarding the same issue.  I’m trying to deal with these people, all the while oblivious that I’m pressing my foot down to the floor-hard.


I get everything taken care of and attempt to stand up.  When I can’t make it to the door of my office, and almost wind up on my face – it dawns on me – “Oh yeah,  I’ve got half a tube of superglue on my boot.”  Except it’s not on my boot.  The sole has holes in it…so my boot is now stuck to the floor.  Even better, those holes go both ways.  So my toe is glued to my sock, that is stuck to the sole,that is glued to the floor.  Long painful story short – I ripped most of the skin off my big toe, and left part of the sole on the floor.  So CB, should you read this one day when you’re older.  I’m sorry, you come by it naturally.