Texas Hold 'Em

I’m sure most of you thought the blog had finally expired.  Al was among you.  However, the title gives a clue as to why there has been no activity.  Texas Hold ‘Em let’s begin…

CB played her first hand a day after her birthday – full blown strep throat with fever, chills, stomach ache – the works.  But much like her father, CB has always been one to press her luck.  So after several days of antibiotics for the Strep she’s still hitting 101 on the thermometer.  Back to the doctor, where CB takes the Strep and raises an Adno Virus – good times.

Not to be out done, Al got in on the action.  Yep she matched CB’s strep shot for shot.  However, she didn’t get the virus, so the hand goes to CB.  On the same day Al was at the doctor getting treatment, I took MK in and you guessed it – she got all the above – the girl’s hard core.  I’m beginning to think she’s the real gambler of the bunch because she took the strep, the virus, and raised the stakes with a horrible case of diarhea.

I’m surrounded by a house full of sick women, trying to help when I can, and taking every supplement, whole foods vodoo gris gris I can get my hands on to try and ward of the sickness.  But in the end, I had to get in on the action as well.  Strep, virus, and temperatures cresting at 103.  The girls are thankfully on the mend now and are caring for a very sick Daddy.



How Time Slips Away

It seems like yesterday.  Living in a raccoon infested house, studying for the bar 19 hours a day with an extremely pregnant wife, who was ready to go at any time.  In fact, I still think about those days occassionally, usually accompanied with cold sweats in the middle of the night.

However, it was more than worth it when we came home with this little princess in the midst of a hurricane.  Should’ve been a sign of things to come.


And now, for fear of sounding like the old man I’m slowly becoming, it’s hard to believe my baby girl is growing up.

Nice artwork.  You know the saying: once an elementary school teacher always…

 After much prep work – the back yard became the setting for the Barbie Beach Party of the Year – all CB’s idea of course, complete with the water slide.


Set for launch…

We made it through without too many serious injuries – which is nice.  I wasn’t too sure how well my waiver would hold up in court.  I still think 4 year olds are old enough to sign a binding contract – but that’s another problem altogether.

Mary in action.

Even the younger ones got in on the fun.  MK made sure Maddy joined her in the pool.

Couldn’t be a Barbie party without the appropriate cake.

And of course, CB keeping an eye on the cake consumption.

Big sister wasn’t the only one enjoying the food and festivities.  MK used all her feminine wiles on the older men at the party in hopes of scoring some food.

“Hey, kid.  You gonna eat your tots?”

My favorite picture of the day… CB got a Barbie bike for her birthday – notice a theme anywhere?  She was pumped about the bike, but more importantly, she was absolutely stoked about the matching helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads – all Hot Pink and Purple.

Safety Joe.


And for once I’m not talking about my kids or dogs.  This one refers to me.  All my girls (Al included) worked together for a great Father’s Day. 


Breakfast in bed – it doesn’t get any better than that.  Except when the breakfast is donuts.  For obvious reasons, I don’t eat donuts anymore, but is there a better food anywhere?  I’m going to check on it, but I think donuts are biblical – they’ve gotta be – you can go to any church in America and while they might have absolutely nothing in common – you can be sure to find donuts somewhere on the premises; it’s the one thing everyone can agree on.


The rest of the day was great – wrapped up with Daddy’s favorite – “Big as your face” Burrito at Chuy’s and a homemade chocolate chip cookie cake. 


I’m not sure if Al is trying to spoil me or turn me into a pincushion, but either way it was worth it.

The Trip

It’s a Havens’ tradition.  At some point, the girls have got to head to the Texas Coast.  So, last weekend we met my parents in Galveston.  I’ll leave out the details of the actual road trip – I still have a touch of the shakes.

As for the beach itself…the girls loved it.  I was a little nervous after seeing several kids , all older than our girls, screaming in terror at the waves.  Not so with us.  In fact, I think MK would have walked to the Intercontinental shelf if I let her.

And as for CB…

Farther daddy, farther!!!  That’s all I heard.  CB had a blast.  With all her cleanliness tendencies – she wasn’t that big of a fan of the sand, but she loved the water; much cleaner.

MK learning early – proper eye care is a must at the beach.

I’ve got a ton of video of the girls in action, so stay tuned for more beach goodness

Summer Fun

Al and I have a longstanding tradition of doing absolutely nothing on Memorial Day – quite a way to kick off the summer.  I wish we could blame it on the kids, but it’s pretty much always been that way.  So…when we had the opportunity to visit the McBrides in San Antonio for the weekend we jumped on it.

This is pretty much how the weekend went – I don’t think CB got more than a foot away from any of the girls, but she was connected at the hip with Ann Claire.

Action pic of CB trying to drown Katherine.

I don’t think CB has ever had so much fun.  I’ve been a little delayed in putting these pictures up, because I’ve just now got the girl convinced we’re not moving to San Antonio.

One of the big draws of the weekend was the “beauty shop”.  CB made sure everyone had an appointment or several – Daddy even got in on the action.