Toddler Milestones

Al gets these random updates online – “Your baby this week”  It tells you what your baby should be doing at a certain age, sitting up, walking, etc…  I know MK is rather advanced, but I’m still not sure how this one should be categorized.

Household chores?  Helping with the dishes?

Or just wondering how long I can get away with all this.

Bats…not so much

Saturday night, what to do?  I had a brilliant idea, it seems all my bad stories start this way.  We’d load up the girls and head downtown to see the bats.  Seriously, what little girls wouldn’t want to see 8 million bats, teeth gnashing, screeching through the air.


I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Congress Bridge Bat colony.  I love how the description keeps getting longer.  It’s now the largest Urban, Bat colony West of the Mississippi, of ring tailed, 2 legged, one eyed whatever they are.


Of course the one thing they never tell you is that if you’re planning on seeing the bats you might want to get there a little early… like Tuesday morning.  After circling for hours I finally abandoned Al and the girls with a stroller on the bridge and told them to head out while I went to find parking.  Which turned out to be a great deal…only $45 and it was just a few miles South of San Antonio.


Perhaps I’ve rambled a bit too much. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.


Notice anything, besides the 7 million people standing around.  Yeah, it’s getting darker and darker. And the one thing you won’t see in the pictures????  Not a single bat.

Why does this stuff always happen to me?  You build this whole thing up to a 3 year old, and not a single one even makes an appearance.


I took CB up close to the bridge and you could hear the little #$#@#%^!’s hiding under the bridge, but not one comes out?  You’ve got to be kidding me.


We checked with all the local bat experts, and this has never happened before.  There was talk of strikes and I even heard the bats were tied into some kind of union that was picketing Wal-Mart, but that might have been just rumor.


And the one person out of all of this who was happy with the turnout?  Little Miss MK.  I think she might have been behind this whole thing.


 “I never liked bats anyway”

Berry Pickin’ Goodness

Al took the girls last week to Marble Falls to pick Strawberries and Blackberries.  While Al said this was her idea, I soon realized that MK was the mastermind behind the whole thing.


“Enough with the pictures, Big Sis needs to get to work!”

With MK cracking the whip, CB set out to some serious picking.

Slow work at first, but CB is a pro at this, and soon got in the groove.

The Little General checking out the day’s haul.

Quality control is always important.

You just never know when one of those sour ones are going to ruin the bunch.

You can’t expect a girl to eat all these with nothing to drink.  The answer, “CB, get over to that cow. Now!!”

“Wait!! Wait!! Are you getting all this?”

After her incredible labors, CB got a much deserved break.

MK making a final check.

Apparently, serving as acting director of the berry patch takes a lot out of a girl.

Summer is Upon Us

With the first official trip to the pool, it’s safe to say that summer is here.  And knowing Al, well, you know it wouldn’t be the summer season without matching swim suits.

This was MK’s first ever trip to the pool, so she’s still a rookie when it comes to a lot of things, like the mandatory leap from the side. However, she’s catching on quickly.

Big Sis is an expert at all this, but it was a little tougher to catch Miss CB on camera.

Much like her father, with those cat like movements, her double back flip was nothing but a blur.  Alison barely managed to snap this picture right before entry.

DVD Issues

I’m having some serious issues with DVD’s.  As I’m sure you’re all aware, it has become the standard practice for TV shows to be compiled on DVD.  You can buy complete boxed sets for everything from ALF, Friends, or the last season of Lost.  There appears to be no rhyme or reason for how the shows are chosen, and therein lies my problem.


How can you not choose “The Fall Guy”?  I mean seriously, it has taken close to two decades for TV to produce something approaching this quality, and that has only been done once Jack Bauer appeared on the scene.  There are times in my life when I get quite depressed with being an attorney.  I look around and see that I’m neither a stunt man or even a bounty hunter – two careers I had great interest in because of Colt Seavers. 


I take the bus to work now and analyze contracts for a living…a far cry from leaping across three lanes of traffic in a jacked up 81’ GMC Sierra with an eagle on the hood, and lets not even mention Heather Thomas.


Problem #2 – The Wonder Years.  This one really gets me.  There has never been and I’m sure never will be a better mix of pure comedy and heartfelt nostalgia all told through that incredible voice over narration.  I seriously grew up along with Kevin, and in that final episode you find out that his dad passed away, and Kevin moves back to his hometown to take over the hardware store.  There’s a 4th of July parade and Kevin is there playing catch with his wife and kids, and you realize that the wife is not Winnie?  I’d better stop myself, it’s getting dusty.  We can get the “Facts of Life” and Green Acres, but no Wonder Years?


The spark that started this whole rant about what’s not in my DVD player is all because of Miss CB and what is currently in my DVD player.  Two words- Full House.  The most ridiculous off all the 80’s- mid 90’s sitcoms starring that moron from America’s Funniest Home Videos, and those little twin anorexic billionaires.  Throw in John Stamos with a wicked mullet – and you’ve got yourself a hit.


CB has become obsessed with this show.  You can only get so many reruns on abc family channel so I looked in the local Blockbuster and sure enough, the entire series of Full House for all your viewing pleasure.  There is no justice in this world…

Thank You!!!

A Big “Thank You” to Aunt Erin.  Because of her, Al and I were able to have our first date in, let’s see MK is 10 months old, so our first date in about a year.  And what a date it was.  We headed to the Iguana Grill – incredible Mexican food with even better views of the sunset perched high above Lake Travis.


It’s a strange sensation eating a meal, actually eating a meal, without the two little ones barking orders, crying, belching, and throwing food.  We were waiting for our table enjoying adult conversation, margaritas, chips and hot sauce, and this view…


I guess we waited close to an hour to be seated.  I say I guess, because we heard grumblings from some people next to us about the wait when our name was called.  Al and I looked at each other and thought, “No!  It’s not time for us to get a table yet.  We just got here!  Quit trying to rush us out the door.”  Definitely a little of the “Cinderella Clock strikes twelve” action going on.


All in all, an absolutely incredible evening.  And how did Aunt Erin fair with the princesses…


Obviously, Little Miss MK enjoyed the evening as much as we did.  And CB has already requested that Aunt Erin come back, but maybe some time when MK isn’t around.

Summer Fun

I have been way behind on my blogging duties, but Al has been catching some good pics, so I thought I’d throw in a random assortment.

Backyard fun.  The girls have been having a blast with this one.

CB says she was pushed, but MK is staying silent on the whole thing.

Speaking of fun toys, it’s amazing what they’re doing with technology today.  We spent a fortune ordering this prototype from Sharper Image, and it has quickly become MK’s favorite…

And you know it wouldn’t be springtime-summer fun without some face painting.

Hey, I warned you this was random.

MK Goodness

I know I have been slacking off with the blog lately, but I do have lots of good excuses.  It seems that blogging about life with a wife, 2 dogs, and 2 princesses would be a lot easier if I didn’t have to deal with the wife the 2 dogs and the 2 princesses all the time.  But then where would the material come from?  It’s a vicious circle…

Little Miss MK is into EVERYTHING!!!  She is just breaths away from full fledged walking, which is nice becuase she has falling down to an art.

It’s amazing how much wiser you become with the second child.  Instead of trying to “toddler proof” the house – a futile effort if there ever was one – we’ve just strapped on a parachute.

Much more effective – and she’s getting pretty good at sticking the landings.

Al got some great pictures while Miss CB was away at school.  You can just see the sheer look of domination from Miss MK while big sis isn’t around

My own chair, and now my own phone. No, more worrying about sharing my minutes.

And the final piece of the puzzle… the ultimate prize.

When the cat’s away…

The one downside. Total world domination can be a tiring affair as MK found out.  Good thing she has her new sleepin’ buddy.