Cultured Father

As I’m always on the lookout for cultural activities for the family, I thought this one was too good to pass up.

Everyday I walk past this “art piece” on the UT Campus, and everyday I have to resist the urge to run through it.  A grown man playing by himself in this thing would seem a little odd, but throw in a couple of kids…

And you’re now just a cultured father exposing your children to the finest in modern sculpture.

I’m not sure if this represents humanity’s struggle against the ever constricting forces of life, or if someone just ordered the wrong mushrooms, but either way the girls loved it.

Little Miss MK liked it so much, she decided to take along a souvenir.

A Sad Substitute

I always looked forward to this time of year and taking the girls to the Daffodill farm for the annual spring picture.  However, that would have been a bit of a drive this year.  So, you’ve just got to make do with what you’ve got.  Hence, the bluebonnet pics…

Little Sis is really catching up!

The Castle

I think Nana Connie has spent too much time in real estate.  She said she was bringing a “small” tent for the girls to play in.  Great.  I assumed a 3’x4′ little pup tent.  Oh no.  After several hours of assembly, we finally got the foundation poured and the walls framed on what quickly became known as the “Princess Castle”

A lovely 3 bedroom 2 bath – with extra parking in the rear.  Needless to say, Miss CB loved it, and moved in quickly.

One small problem, when you’ve got a crib this sweet, it’s only a matter of time before the guests start arriving…

MK has claimed the back bedroom, which leaves Sissy and Seve to battle over the East wing.

The Bug Lady and the Big Question…

You’ll never guess what girly girl has become quite interested in bugs.  Ok, the pink skirt might be a dead giveaway…

To clarify, Miss CB still can’t tolerate most bugs, but she has become enthralled with hunting for “_Blank_” bugs.  And, hence, the big question.  What do you call these things – small greyish black, dig in the dirt, roll up in a ball.  Clearly, I say they’re Roly-Polys – although I’m not as sure how to spell that.

Al informed me they’re doodle bugs.  The neighbor chimed in with pill bugs.  I’ve also heard Sow bugs, but that last one was from Dad.

I always assumed everyone played with these as a kid, although I had no idea that everyone that saw one of these bugs took it upon themselves to name it.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what CB comes up with to settle things once and for all.

Easter Sunday

CB was up early for Easter, complaining that she couldn’t sleep because she kept hearing that bunny outside her window.  She got over it once she saw that the fruit of his labors.

CB’s an old pro at this Easter thing, but the rookie is coming along quite well.

I’d say the girl’s a natural.

With a house full of women, and new Easter dresses…the obligatory “Church pictures” are a must.

MK making sure she hasn’t left any candy behind…

And it looks like some other customs will continue as well.

Sunday at The Masters, a tradition like no other…

I have to include this last picture.  A thing of beauty to behold.  It brings tears to my eyes now just thinking about it…

Easter dinner from the Smoker.  Stunning, simply stunning…

I Just Don't Understand…

Al is always telling me that complete strangers will stop her out in public and comment on Miss MK’s wild hair.  I’ve got two concerns.

First, I just don’t think it’s that wild.  Second, where did she get this “do” from?  I honestly have no idea where hair like that would come from.

Cruisin' the Drag

Daddy’s already in trouble.  This past Friday night, I thought we could all do something together as a family.  CB however, had other ideas.  She decided she was going to take the jeep and head to the mall.

You know if CB was going, then little sister had to tag along as well…

Two wild women on the prowl.  I hate to think what this is going to do to my insurance rates.  Only one night on the town and you can see MK’s airbag has already deployed.