Daddy's Girl #2

Is poor Al ever going to get one of her own???  It seems miss MK has become quite attached to her Daddy as of late.  And wouldn’t you know it, she’s a huge golf fan…

Mommy snuck in with the camera.  I swear we were glued to the final round of the Buick Invitational.  Tiger was making a charge on the back nine, and we must have just dozed off for a second…

Snow Days

The Frozen Tundra is upon us. 

While snow and ice might seem thrilling at first, after spending 4 plus days inside with a wife, 6 month old, 3 year old, and 2 chihuahuas that won’t leave the heating pad…the sheen starts to wear off quickly.

Determined to make the best of it, I was thinking this weather meant down-jackets and snowball fights…apparently not.

No, around the Havens’ household, winter activities include painting your toenails to match your winter gear.  Don’t argue the logic with that, I’ve already tried and lost.

We did make it outside for some brief ice fun.

Now, before you turn me in to CPS for bringing out the girls in this weather, I know what I’m doing.  We spent a total of 2 minutes outside, before everyone was ready for some more indoor activities.

Including a journey to the Princess Castle.

Good times…

A lot of toy time as well.  I’m amazed at the advancements in technology with baby dolls today…

They look so lifelike.

Needless to say, the roads are still closed today.  But what is it, 20-30 miles to work?  If I leave now, I think I can make it on foot…

Mealtime Mess

CB’s mealtime fastidiousness has become the stuff of legends.  She’s the only 3 year old I know that has turned down ice cream for fear of what it might do to her shirt.  Just the other night, we went to a locally owned restaurant where the owner offered CB a bowl of candy from which she could choose anything she wanted. 

CB politely took a lollipop. However, after we got in the car, CB kept asking Al if it would get her hands sticky.  After a few licks, CB traded in the sucker for a wipe and was much happier.

So, can you imagine…do you have any idea how much eating at the same table with little sister is bothering the princess??????

A Day at the Park

Saturday was one of those days that has got to make those poor people in the northern parts of the US just absolutely miserable.  Last week of January with 70 degrees and sunshine…gotta get outside.

We spent all day at the park, and made a great new discovery as well.  There’s a gorgeous park within a mile of our house with an incredible train ride.  If Leigh is reading this, we’ll go ahead and pencil you in for a trip next week.

A “steam” engine that takes you on a 15 minute cruise around the park.  We’re talking through the forest, and through a real tunnel. 

I know CB enjoyed it, but Little Sis was having a good time as well.

I know we’re in the Austin area and should be more open to these kinds of things, but I still just don’t know.  There was one “couple” on the train in front of us that was, well, a little odd.  I felt like Peppermint Patty always asking about that strange looking kid with the big nose.

But hey, they really seemed like they were in love…

My Lunch Date

I am really getting spoiled.  It’s not every man that gets a regular Friday lunch date with 3 beautiful women.  Al and the girls have been making a regular Friday outing to Austin for lunch with Daddy.  This past Friday was so gorgeous, it had to be an outdoor lunch.
And when you’re talking outdoor Austin, you’ve got to be talking about Shady Grove – a personal favorite…

The Hippie Chick is always a good call…as my empty basket and stuffed grill can attest to.

While the weather was perfect and the food was terrific, there is always one nagging problem…

The paparazzi around here are awful!!!!

Nana Jane and Grandpa's House

Last Sunday after church we headed up the road to Balorena “according to CB” to see Nana Jane and Grandpa’s house after all the flood repair.  I didn’t even know Katrina made it that far inland, but hey whatever the insurance company buys is fine with me.

CB enjoying some good times with Grandpa.

“All part of my master plan to get them in the floor and take over the old man’s chair”

She only looks innocent…

Get on the Bus…

During Christmas we tried to take the girls to see the what passes for Christmas lights in Austin.  We didn’t make it.  But CB wasn’t so disappointed at missing the lights, no, she was pumped because we told her that we would have to ride a bus to shuttle us to Zilker Park.

Fast forward a few weeks, and CB being CB, she still hasn’t forgotten about the bus.  So, on one of their Friday lunch trips to see daddy, I promised CB we would get on a REAL city bus.

CB was letting everyone at the stop know that this was our bus, and look out, IT’S COMING!!!

I thought it would be a great experience if we took the bus down the drag, and boy was it ever.

This was the last chance at normalcy CB ever had. 

Let’s see, there was the homeless woman that sat in front of us who hadn’t eaten in three days, which might have been a good thing since her kidney’s were failing anyway.  How do you know all this you might ask…because she wouldn’t stop talking the entire trip, and CB was pumping her for info as well.

And then there was a cute UT co-ed that CB struck up a conversation with after telling her that she was going to go to school at UT…but only if Daddy rode the bus with her.

Throw in some random bus regulars, and a few Drag natives that were certainly feeling no pain, and it made for one great experience.  CB cannot wait to go back.

First Child…Second Child

Ahh, the differences between the two.  With our first child, the mealtime discussion went something like this…


“But she’s not officially six months yet until next week.   Should we introduce that type of food so soon?”


“No, No I have to wait 3 days before I can giver her the next type of baby food.”


“Either way, the kid’s still screaming.”


Now Little Miss MK comes along and oh, how things have changed.


“All she does is cry all through dinner.”


“She’s probably hungry.”


“What should I give her?”


“What are we eating?”




“Give her lasagna.”



An hour later, we still haven’t heard a peep from the little princess.  In fact, I can’t remember her ever being this happy.  Now, if we can just keep CB away with the beach towel and water hose.


Hobo Smorein'

New Years Eve, what a time for….well nothing really.  However, the girls thought it was a perfect time for some smores, and I certainly can’t argue with that.

We do have one little issue.  No fireplace. 

However, when you’ve got a three year old that’s been promised smores, you do what any dad would do…improvise.  It’s amazing what you can do with a stone, a can of sterno and some bbq untensils.

Might have gotten it a little too close to the can.

Granted, it might not be the Rockwellian portrait of roasting marshmallows over the fire, but as long as the marshmallows get done, I don’t think it matters if you’re burning newspapers in the sink…

Which, come to think of it, would make the whole event a little more exciting… If I can talk Al into that, I think we might have some exciting pics forthcoming.