CB has picked up an interesting new habit… the prayer before dinner.  This is certainly an admirable trait, and one that we’ve tried to instill in her…it’s just that her execution of the prayer is, well, interesting.

Lest you think this is a passing whim that CB takes lightly, oh no, no.  She will not let anyone dare touch their plate before she has prayed.  

She starts off ok, “Dear Jesus, thank you for this PRETTY day.  There could be an F-5 tornado currently pulling the roof off, but CB is going to throw in the “Pretty day “remark, which is fine.  But then things start to ramble…

CB starts to bless “Mommy, Me, Daddy, Me, Bubba, Sissy” At this point she gets even quieter and either starts speaking in tongues, and/or blessing random objects in the room.  We think we caught her blessing mommy’s watch last night.  I’ve been to full blown Pentecostal prayer services that didn’t last this long.

While this can be cute, the problem comes when you try and jump in.  After 15-20 minutes,  I’ll usually say a loud “AMEN!”, thereby ending the prayer…or so I thought.

However, if CB is not finished, she adamantly exclaims, “NO! NO! DADDY!!!  I NOT THROUGH PRAYING YET !!”  She then resumes her prayer, at which point she, because of my interruption, has lost her concentration and she starts back with “Pretty Day” and then rambles on down the road again.  

More B-Day Goodness

As you know from the prior Pink-a-thon, we already celebrated CB’s 3rd B-day.  However, when her actual b-day rolled around, we thought she might be confused about having her party one day and then the real b-day on another day. 

Not so…in fact, CB wouldn’t even let me explain. The only thing she heard was “Caroline blah blah blah MY BIRTHDAY.”  Needless to say she was pumped.

And what did we receive around lunchtime???  A B-day cookie bouquet from Aunt Molly and Uncle Shane!!!

As you can see from her dreary mug, she did not like it one bit.

I was home by myself that day for lunch with CB.  I finally managed to get a sandwich down her before diving into the cookies.  After picking which cookie to eat, a chore unto itself, I unwrapped the cookie and slid it over to CB on the table, and she just stared at me with a look of sheer terror on her face.

After much discussion, CB informs me that this is HER BIRTHDAY, and she will not eat a cookie off the table.  It must be on a Strawberry Shortcake plate, along with matching napkin!!!

You think I’m kidding?  I wish I were.  She would not touch the cookie until the table was set to her satisfaction.  Like I said earlier, I’m just a lost traveler in this world.


Just a quick shot of Al relaxing at home… or as much as she possibly can relax with MK perched in her lap.

CB just could not stand it.  She had to come by and give the little sis’ a kiss…

At least I think it was a kiss.  I did hear CB telling MK something about “Not touching any of my stuff.”  So we’ll just wait and see…

Her Colors Were Blush and Bashful

This is a different world I’m in; very different.

Miss CB’s 3rd B-Day was today, and as you can tell it was awash in pink.  This whole universe of little girls is definitely new territory.   Al keeps telling me I’m perfect for the job (as evidenced, she says, by my title of this post – although I would still argue that Steel Magnolias was not just a chick flick but an essay on small town Southern life)…an argument for another time.

CB with Nana and PaPa for some pre-party pics.

CB had a blast!!  You can see by her expression how much fun she had as the “Little Miss Party Girl” center of attention.

The thing that got me was the gifts – a tea set, Strawberry Shortcake Doll, and a Dance Outfit, complete with a dozen sets of play shoes – CB went nuts!

Notice the shoes in the pic above are different than those from the butterfly shows shown solo.  I’m not kidding when I said there were a dozen different sets of shoes, and CB wanted to be photographed in them all.  Another one of her “Nana” tendencies I’m afraid.

All in all, a great day, and as your 3rd birthday only happens once, definitely a reason to smile…

Tea Times

As I stated in earlier posts, Daddy has become quite the frequent visitor at Miss CB’s tea parties.  I guess I was just the guinea pig as her guest list is now expanding…

I shouldn’t be too upset, CB informed she that she only uses her “play” tea set for Seve and Sissy.  How nice, she saves the good stuff for me.

Have you seen my baby girl?

I know I left her around here somewhere.  Tiny little baby, answers to the name of “Miss CB”  I can’t find my baby girl anywhere.  I know this can’t be her. 

I stuck my head in the room the other day and saw this teenager lounging on the couch, talking on the phone, and I just knew it couldn’t be my little “CB”

Tea for Two

Miss CB has become quite enamored with tea sets as of late.  Therefore, there was no better way to get this 3rd B-Day celebration under way than with an early present from Lola and Pa Pa “B”

Getting more excited by the moment…

And the finished product – a ladybug tea set. 

Needless to say, Daddy has become quite the expert at serving tea.  A trait that I somehow never thought I’d pick up, but a good skill to have nonetheless.  And one that will surely come in handy with the next princess due to make an appearance anytime now.

The Princess

It’s just not fair.  Here we are, rushing around in the morning, trying to get to work, trying to get breakfast…and the princess is just lounging around till 10 or 11:00 in the morning – or whenever she decides to make an appearance…

Pathetic isn’t it?  Now I know where CB gets all her diva tendencies.

Kissing up to her idol…

Big "D" Road Trip

This past weekend we made a trip to Dallas, our last hurrah, as Al probably won’t be up for any car trips for a while.

We had all sorts of plans for Friday, most of those starting after CB took a nap in the car on the way to Dallas.  However, a nap was not in Miss CB’s plans.  She was so pumped about the “Hotel” that anyime we passed a large building, quite frequently in Dallas, she would exclaim, “Is that our hotel daddy??”  Followed quickly by a “Hi, Hotel!!”

I know, I need to get this little East TX girl out more often.  However, Al and I are no fools, so we headed directly to the Hotel.

What is it with this girl??  I’m scared to even ask that question.  The first thing she ALWAYS does whenever we go to a hotel is find the phone.

Couldn’t pass this one up.  Al got CB a new hat, pink..what a shock.  Needless to say, CB loved it.  Then she stops and says, “No, I wear hat like Daddy!!”

Pa Pa will be so proud.

We hit all the usual haunts, including a trip to North Park, CB’s favorite.  Again, I don’t even like to think about the bill$$$$ coming my way in the future…

To top it all off, a stop at the greatest eatery known to mankind.

What could be better, my favorite ladies along with my favorite burrito.  I know, I know…I’m such a sentimentalist, but I always get choked up about the “Big As Your Face” Burrito.