For Susan's Eyes Only

I’m not sure how to describe the following picture – maybe it’s best if I have my first poll on the blog.

Please look at the following picture and tell me, honestly, do you think these green beans have a slight case of freezer burn?

Or how about an even scarier question?  Can you believe we actually ate these???

Memorial Day Weekend

It’s just not Memorial Day in Texas unless you’re on the lake somehwere.   Therefore, a trip to the Keaton’s was in order.

Suzie Q is trying to lure CB into the water, but it appears that Mommy’s indocrination about the evils of lake water has taken hold.

CB has taken quite the liking to Jer-Bear.  In fact all she’s talked about the last few days is her new favorite bud “Jer-Bear”

Suzie Q and a pregnant woman on the boat???  We tried.  CB and Jer-Bear were doing donuts about 60-70 mph on the water, but it still didn’t speed up the labor…

One last lake shot.  Don’t tell Al. I swear we slipped…

Happy Valentine's Day

I practiced with CB, several times.  She knew it was Mother’s day, she told me it was mother’s day.  However, everytime I asked her what she was going to tell Mommy when she gave her our Mother’s Day present, she responded with a loud “Happy Valentine’s Day”  Hey, it’s CB’s world, I just check in from time to time.  Sure enough, she gave Mommy her present, a big hug, and loudly proclaimed “Happy Valentine’s Day!!”

My lovely ladies.  CB is proudly displaying the plant she made for Mommy at school, hand decorated pot, of course.

What would a Haven’s Mother’s Day be without a little work on your short game…

After church, we went with Nana and Papa to Oak Forest for a Mother’s Day Brunch. So Papa and CB had to get a little practice in.

And for CB’s favorite part of the day…

Nothing better than a Sunday Drive.  However, Papa and CB got a little out of control, so Nana had to jump in and supervise.

2 backseat drivers – get used to it Papa!!!


Beep Beep…

Not even 3 years old and she’s already becoming my arch-nemesis.

We were all playing out in the backyard tonight after dinner.  The game for this evening consisted of CB running after her big, green ball and trying to get it before Daddy did.  When I did manage to get the ball first, CB did not like it one bit.  So, after a few times of this, she led me over to her playhouse, opened the door, and motioned for me to go inside.

This is not unusual, as one of CB’s favorite things is to have me go inside her playhouse and “cook” with her.  I thought tonight she had simply bored of the other game and wanted to play something else.

I go inside the house to the sink and start “cooking.”  When I turn around to ask CB what she wanted, all I see is CB slamming the door, and sprinting in the opposite direction,  ball in hand, squealing with delight.

I suddenly knew, after all these years, exactly how the Coyote felt – just as he realized he had stepped off the edge of the cliff…

Ways of a Woman

I’m learning, slowly… There are so many things that puzzle me about the opposite sex, and now that I’m going to be surrounded I figure it’s time to start learning their secrets.

Like that towel thing…you know what I’m talking about, that impossible twist that women put on top of their head that somehow manages to stay on.

It’s gotta’ be a female thing.  She’s not even 3 years old and already has it mastered, and yet I still have no clue

And, of course, posing is an everyday occurence.  Especically when it involves her “Princess slippers” from Aunt Erin.

Call for Help

It’s time for an intervention…I just hope everyone sees this before Al does.  The problem, well just look at the picture below…

I don’t want to be one of those husbands who makes his wife weigh in everyday, but I think Al has really let herself go.  And what really worries me, it seems to be getting bigger almost daily!!!