Greatest Vacation. Ever.

Tropical?  Not really.  The Mountains… nope.  CB had her best vacation ever in Shane and Mol’s backyard.  Now this was no ordinary backyard, the magic ingredient…a huge pile of DIRT!!!

Yes, my little girly girl spent hours (and I do mean hours) playing in the dirt.  Of course, she wasn’t just playing there was some supervising going on as well

CB spent most of the afternoon digging, hauling, moving, and throwing dirt.  And this wasn’t one of her normal play with something for 3 minutes before moving onto the next project.  No, this girl is serious about her dirt…

I honestly don’t know how I ever operated a wheelbarrow before Miss CB came along.

The next morning, Shane went out to finish up a couple of spots.  Well, as soon as CB saw he was missing, the crying began.  “I help Shane move Dirt!!!!”

Forget the Caribbean, we’re going all out this summer – Dare I say it…

We’re thinking MUD!!!

Abbi Barks

Anyone that knows me is aware of the fact that I’m a huge Peanuts fan.  I always loved how Peppermint Patty referred to Snoopy as that “Kid with the big nose.”

It appears that CB has picked up some more of her father’s traits.

CB is pictured here with her new favorite cousin, “The girl with the moose-stash”
We were explaining to her that the dog’s name was Abbi and that she was a girl.  CB looks at her and then exclaims “Moose-stash” daddy.

The rest of our trip home she could not stop talking about Abbi, and she couldn’t wait to tell Bubba and Sissy about the girl with the “moose-stash”

Big Time

Miss CB is now officially “Big Time”  How else can  you describe her performance in her school’s 24th Annual “Western Days” event? For the last week CB has come home from school singing what she calls Cowboy songs.  She’ll mumble a few words softly and then explode with a Yee-Haw!!

I had no clue what was going on, and was beginning to worry that Mommy was abandoning CB and just left her watching Gunsmoke re-runs all day.

I was quickly informed that CB was merely practicing for her Western Days performance.

For CB’s portion of the show, they had the 2 year old class stand on the front row, and then a Kindergarten class behind them.  Obviously, these people are professionals and realize that by having the 2 year olds and kindergartners together singing the same song, they’ll actually get some sort of audible vocals out of the group.

The most important things to remember:
1) CB did not cry
2)  She didn’t fall off the bleachers

For the parent of a 2 year old performer…mission accomplished!

A Little Patch of Heaven

There is a little tract of land, approximately 1000 acres outside of Gladewater, TX known as Mrs. Lee’s Daffodil Garden.  Each spring for roughly 6 weeks, this land is literally covered in Daffodils.  It is breathtaking. Throw in Daddy’s little girl and, of course, it’s heaven on earth.

This is our third year to take Miss CB for pictures, and this year was as spectacular as ever, not to mention blue clear skies and 70 degree temps.

As you can see, it’s no exaggeration to say you are engulfed by flowers.

One of my personal favorites below…

Here is a link to the website for more info, if anyone is interested.  If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend a trip.  It’s one of those special places that pictures can’t do justice…

One last pic.  Daddy forgot to pack the blanket for the picnic, but it was such a nice day we decided to do some tailgating… East Texas Style:)

Daffodil Timeline

I didn’t want to swamp everone with a lot of posts at once, but since I think Al and I are the only ones who actually read these, here goes…

As I mentioned in the last post, this was our third year at Mrs. Lee’s Garden.  Al and I were looking at the old pictures and, like all parents I guess, were left wondering where has time gone… and more importantly where is my little chunky monkey?

It’s an interesting experience, the first trip at 8 months old was filled with “Look out she’s about to fall over.”  “Grab her before she falls off the blanket.”  “Oh great she’s eating a leaf.”

The next trip at 20 months was spent chasing a little speed demon that had much more confidence than ability in her walking.  Notice, still a little chunk too:)

Finally, the most recent trip was filled with talking, all from CB.  “No it’s prettier over there, Daddy”  “I’ll stand here, you go over there.”

I had to include this picture, so that next year we can claim this will be the fourth year for CB and the second trip for little sister.

I will have to say the funniest thing from this year’s adventure were CB’s comments from the first stop to take pictures.  As you can imagine it’s quite a trek to get out to this garden, which is in the middle of nowhwere. After climbing all sorts of dirt roads, we finally found a good spot for a picture.  CB was smiling and posing for the camera, when all of a sudden she stops, gets the strangest look on her face, and says, “Where Are We?”

Flu Shot

Certainly glad I got my flu shot this year.  Because this is the first time in years that I’ve actually had the flu.  To make things even more fun, Al and CB managed to pick it up as well.  Needless to say, there has not been much updating on the blog recently, but keep an eye out for I’ll soon have some great picutres posted of our latest adventures.