New Addition to the Blog

Looks like Caroline will now have to start sharing everything, including bandwidth on the blog

We have the first official pictures of the new addition to the Havens’ household.  I don’t want to give it away as to the gender of the new baby, but Seve and I are definitely losing in the balance of power…

As you can see, she’s pretty shy; covering up her eyes with her hands. Doctor Keaton did the ultrasound for CB and this baby as well. He noticed the same thing he did with Miss CB, namely the long fingers

If you notice on the bottom left of the picture you can see the feet of little miss thing.  In fact even if you don’t look too closely, you can still see the feet.  Once again, much like with CB, Dr. Keaton and the tech’s reaction were “Good Gosh, look at those feet!!”

You can see another long-legged Havens girl on the way. 

Oh, in case you haven’t guessed by now, CB is getting a little sister.