Santa! Santa!

CB is obsessed with Santa/PaPa.  She calls all Santas PaPa, just to clear up any confusion.  To make things even more confusing, we went downtown this past weekend with my parents to see the holiday festivities.  So we had CB telling my dad all night, “PaPa we’re going to see PaPa.”



The entire courthouse sqaure was lit up and Santa had a house there as well to greet everyone.  CB was stoked to say the least.  All she could talk about was seeing Santa

As you can tell it was very cold that evening – and the real Santa/Papa didn’t take it too well…


Now, when it actually came time to see Santa, and sit on his lap, CB’s enthusiasm waned.


Both eyes shut tight!!!  Can’t even bear to look at this strange, fat man in the red suit.

And when Santa actually spoke to her…


Turn on the tears, grab the real “PaPa” and get me out of here!!!

Of course, this is my daughter we’re talking about, so, for the rest of the evening and the next day, she talked all about Santa and how happy she was to see him.  And if anyone asked her whether she sat on Santa’s lap, she would respond with an enthusiastic yes and tell you all about her lovely visit.

December Baking

After the problems with the decorating, CB decided to focus on her holiday culinary skills, and some skills they are.  She definitely takes after her father in the kitchen!!


Getting it all laid out before starting in on the heavy work.

A genius at work…

It's Coming

It’s already that time of year again… Daddy falling off the roof, Mommy arguing about what lights go here and there….ahh Christmas at last.

This year, at least, we had lots of help with decorating.  However, there might have been too much help as my assistants began arguing over who got to use the stuffed the Santa.

As you can see, things digressed quickly, and it wound up as one big brawl on the couch.

Finally, CB just grabbed all the ornaments and things progressed smoothly.

One last addition to the decorations.  CB has dubbed the new guy “Snow”
She’s nothing if not creative.