CB's New Word

CB’s vocabulary is growing rapidly.  However, on a recent visit to see Aunt Molly and Uncle Shane CB picked up her new favorite word MOL.  As in where is Mol?  Mol come get me!  I’m not happy because Mol left the room.

We were in Waco so we had to take CB for her first visit to George’s.  I never knew she would take to the place that well.  As you can see with CB’s reaction to the Big “O”…I feel the parent of the year award slipping away…

CB cheesing it up with Al and Mol for pics. 

I love these girls…seriously, has anybody seen Flash?

Silent Night

Al decided it was time to move Miss CB into a toddler bed.  I thought, great she sleeps in a crib, we move her into a bed, she sleeps in the bed.  Shows how little I know about parenting, and how once again I’ve underestimated CB.

Perhaps a time line will help…

Night 1

9:00 pm – Daddy goes through his regular routine, reading, rocking, the works, and leaves the room with CB safe in her toddler bed.

9:15 pm – Al and Daddy are watching a movie in the den and are quickly joined by a third member, CB who has sprinted down the hall and jumped on the couch to join in the festivities.

You get the idea – a lot of the above throughout the night. Until…

6:00 am – I get up to go and check on CB and find…nothing.  She’s nowhere in the room to be found.
Now, before we went to bed that night, we left a night-light on in CB’s room and left our door open, in case she got scared she would come into our room.  Not so.

I can’t find CB anywhere, so I wander into the den, and there’s my little girl sprawled out on the couch sound asleep!  At least she’s sleeping, so I go back to bed.

7:00 am – The TV comes on, and AL sits straight up in bed, “What is that?”  I mutter, “CB is watching TV.”  I get a strange look.  “Oh yeah” I continue “She slept on the couch.”

Night 2

4:30 am – I’m sound asleep until I hear CB crying and Al screaming, “Get in here!”  I wander into CB’s room to find that she has somehow managed to get out of the bed on the floor, and crawl under the bed.  That was fine,  until she woke up and realized she was stuck.  Chaos ensues.

Luckily, the transition is going a little smoother as she is now spending more time in the bed than on the floor and/or couch so we feel like we’re getting somewhere.