The Big Day




That’s the enthusiastic response we’ve been getting from CB when asked how old she is; so I thought it an appropriate title for this post.

Here are some pics of CB and her friends at her party.





It's Coming

The Big Day Approaches…


Hard to believe, but the Princess turns 2 tomorrow.  Much hub-bub around the house with all the preparations, not the least of which is CB helping Al prepare the cupcakes for tomorrow…

CB is learning from the Master.  However, once it came down to decorating the cupcakes with M&M’s,CB had her own system



One for the cupcake, one for me, two for the cupcake, two for me…

Silent Night

In the first post about our vacation I mentioned the hurricane. Al thought I better get around to explaining that in case somebody is actually reading this thing.

To begin with, this house boat we were on was huge. 70 feet long, six bedrooms, a hot tub- you name it. The picture below shows the before shot.

We tied up the boat the first night to one of the islands on the lake. We made sure the boat was tied to some substantial trees and used the rope provided, which was about 3 feet in diameter. I should have known something was wrong when the ropes we were provided weighed more than I do.

Billy and I stayed up until about 2:30 a.m. and had noticed a steady drizzle and quite a bit of lightning in the distance. I went inside to go to bed first, and almost immediately after lying down I could feel the bed spinning.

I wasn’t sure if that was from the Hurricane or from staying up until 2:30 with Billy. The view out our bedroom window was of the island and the trees we had tied the boat to. At least, that’s what the view had always been. I looked out the window now and saw nothing but water.

I decided something was wrong, I’m quick like that, and went up to the second floor to investigate. Bad move, the boat was being pounded by the wind and waves so hard that it made standing up difficult and walking around impossible. By this time Dad was already up and exploring, fondly reminiscing about Typhoons in Korea, which, incidentally, did nothing to calm my nerves.

Turns out the change in scenery was due to the fact that the wind had completely shifted and managed to spin our entire boat around 180 degrees from where we had originally started. But the good news was, we were still tied up…for the moment.

Billy managed to make it up the stairs and saw that Dad and I were already up. We then spent the rest of the pre-dawn hours trying to get something on the marine band radio and deciding whether we should cut loose from the island or just stay put.

The plan for moving the boat involved me trying to untie the boat from the island and then waiting to see if Billy could maneuver the boat back around to pick me up in the middle of the storm.  Amazingly enough, this seemed like a great idea to everyone involved except, of course, for me.  Using all my legal prowess, which isn’t much, I managed to keep this idea out of play at least until sunrise when Al emerged and decided that I couldn’t find my way to the island, much less do anything about those surgical knots once I got there.  Ahh, nothing like the confidence of a good woman in her man!
By sunrise, the storm had subsided and all was well.  Oh yeah, except for the fact that no one had slept all night except for that 2 year old who was now up and ready to roll.  With Hurricane Caroline on board, that island idea was sounding better already.

Just for comparison, here is a shot of me during the height of the storm providing service to some of the surrounding boats

As you can see, I have Al thrown on my shoulders and am leading Billy and my Dad to safety… All in a day’s work

Danger Girl

Rumor has is that Little Miss CB looks like her father.  However, Alison is now nervous that she is acting just like him as well.  One of her favorite activities at the lake…

I tried puttering around the lake at about 5 mph and CB was miserable.  Once we made sure Al wasn’t watching, I’d get to around 30-40 mph and CB would proceed to scream with delight.  Of course followed by her favorite catch phrase of the moment, “Mooore Daddy, Mooore!!”

Al thought it was important that CB get some experience in some more important endeavors, and so I let her take over for CB’s next lake lesson…

As you can see, CB was quite adept at roasting marshmallows, but found the whole thing a little too slow for her liking.  She decided to go straight to the source…

Hot Springs

      Our first vacation, well… ever.  Pretty depressing when you think about it.  However, the trip itself was a blast.  I highly recommend Lake Ouachita.  The lake is annually rated by the EPA as one of the cleanest lakes in North America, and after visiting I can see why.  The water is crystal clear, and freezing!  Not to mention the scenic beauty surrounding the place, if you can put aside the dead bodies and Force 5 Hurricanes (More on that later)

      More importantly, it was a great time for CB and her Papa.

I’ve read numerous studies that say various genes in  families have the propensity to skip a generation.  Looks like the DNA for a master fisherman traveled straight from Papa (Jumped directly around Daddy) and landed squarely in Caroline’s hands.

Yes, Caroline reeled in her first fish with Papa, and then proceeded to reel in quite a few more after that.  With a cane pole no less!

First Post

 I have noticed so many people getting into this blogging thing that I thought I would give it a shot.  Why anyone would want to read the rambling thoughts that tend to schlep around in my head… well that’s your own problem.

I do know however, why everyone will check out this site, and it has nothing to do with me.  The real reason is for pictures, like the one below.

See how cute that was.  You can’t resist.  And now I have an outlet to describe exactly where that came from, and what the little Princess was doing at the time.

Hopefully this blog will serve a twofold purpose.  First, to keep you updated on what is going on with the family.  Second, to keep Al off my back for never uploading any photos so that people might actually be able to see what is going on with our family.  Technology scores again!  Enjoy!!


P.S. Al was right… That was one of the last photos I can recall uploading, and I hardly even recognize Caroline in that picture.